Director of Operations (DOO)

Demand Generation Specialist
January 22, 2019
National Team Leader
May 1, 2019

At ID Plans, we’re innovators. Thinkers. Techies. Creators. But we’re so much more than that. Our customers, who represent some of the top commercial real estate firms in the country, are our top priority, and finding solutions to their challenges is what motivates us every day. However, we’re just as invested in the success of our employees. We encourage and reward tenacity, hard work, and creativity, and when one of us succeeds, we all celebrate (and we even ring a gong). If you’re looking for an opportunity to be part of a growing, thriving organization, we’d love to have you on our team.

The DOO oversees and is responsible for the results, performance, and safety of our field teams. The mission of the Operations Director is to meet the company’s goals and drive profitability while delivering the best customer experience possible. 

In this role, you will oversee the production, logistics, day-to-day performance management, and safety of our Operations team, Field Data Specialists and Contractor partner teams. You will also help develop business strategies, create policies and procedures, report on results, and implement change. 


Team performance, strategy execution, training, employee retention, and team morale are the key responsibilities in this position. Effective communication, strong leadership, and a passion for generating results and exceeding expectations is key. Tasks include: 

·         Holding the field and processing team leads accountable for delivering results and meeting or exceeding company goals 

·         Conducting interviews, hiring, and exiting of direct reports, including contractors 

·         Planning, scheduling, and oversight of logistics strategy for field teams 

·         Actively participating in the training and onboarding of new hires and ensuring a positive experience 

·         Managing team performance, conducting performance reviews, and submitting salary adjustments for approval 

·         Reviewing and approving schedules, requests for time off, and weekly timesheets 

·         Developing, reviewing, and reporting on performance metrics 

·         Regularly updating the leadership team on issues, team performance, and changes in strategy or planning 

·         Recognizing, rewarding, and reinforcing effective team behaviors and achievements 

·         Visiting team members on-site two-three times per year

·         Leading by, and setting the example for, the type of behaviors expected from your team 

·         Conducting weekly one-on-one performance conversations with each direct report  

·         Proactively communicating with team members each day 

·         Communicate with sales to forecast future business and human resource needs

·         Delegating and assigning work 

·         Motivating and leading team members and contractor partners 

·         Working with other departments to follow up on client issues until entirely satisfactory resolution is accomplished 

·         Developing, reviewing, analyzing, and reporting on team performance metrics 

·         Coaching and empowering team members to grow and succeed 


·         Strong, effective leadership skills 

·         Five years of more managing the logistics of multiple teams across multiple territories

·         Successful history of staffing, coaching and training while holding teams accountable for results

·         Experience using CRM to manage mapping and performance data

·         Strategic logistics planning and coordination skills 

·         Positive, team-centric attitude 

·         Understanding of logistics, maps, and coordination of multiple teams across multiple territories with multiple deadlines 

·         High degree of integrity 

·         Excellent communication skills across all mediums—spoken, email, text, instant messaging, face-to-face, video conference, etc. 

·         Strong organizational and proactive follow-up skills 

·         Strong data analysis and reporting skills 

·         Willingness and desire to learn, coach, and be coached 

·         Strong understanding of Profit and Loss statements along with basic financials and budgeting

Indicators of success 

The leadership team is satisfied with your performance. The company is meeting its performance goals. Clients and employees are happy and we can prove it through employee retention, culture, and reported metrics. People trust you and like working with you.  


·         Roadblocks to production are quickly identified and eliminated 

·         Team member voluntary turnover is low 

·         Client retention is high 

·         Customer issue resolution time is short 

·         Positive feedback received from direct reports, peers, and customers