How Space Profile helped one company negotiate deals faster

The better As-built

Kid's Empire's construction department was looking for a more efficient way to run their construction department

As the head of store development for a growing chain of indoor playgrounds, Don Spring faced a common challenge during the lease negotiation process.

“When we were evaluating the spaces, we would wrestle with the landlord to get documents,” said Spring, who works for California-based Kids Empire.

“Maybe they didn’t have them, or maybe they didn’t want to give them up. Either way, we usually didn’t have much.”

- Don Spring, Head of Construction for Kid's Empire

Kid's Empire had a gap that needed to be solved

Spring needed that data early on not only for negotiation and evaluation purposes, but also because he had to get that information to his architects so they could create the drawings to submit for permitting. Every day that went by without it would put the project further and further behind.

A Quicker and Better Solution was discovered by Spring

To speed things up, Spring often turned to his architects to do the site survey. They always did a great job, but there was a catch.
“It was a pretty expensive way to do things,” he said. “But it had to be done.”

Spring recognized that the lack of information was an ongoing problem, but he had no idea how to solve it. Then he went to ICSC RECon in Las Vegas, met with ID Plans team and learned about Space Profile. He immediately realized he’d found the solution he was looking for.

Gain Visibility into Spaces Sooner

“For us, I could see the benefits in having the Space Profiles done early on so we could have the information we needed up front,” Spring said. “I thought it would give us visibility and help us better negotiate the leases.”

With this expectation in mind, Spring placed an initial order for four Space Profiles. In each case, a field team from ID Plans was deployed to gather, measure, photograph and catalog every detail of the site. That data was then turned over to ID Plans technology experts who uploaded it into the Space Profile application, triple checked it for accuracy, and delivered to Spring and his team within the promised turnaround time of 10 business days or less.

See a sample for Kid's Empire

Spring was thrilled with the finished product – and the results he quickly began to notice.

Get Started in Half the Time

“I’ve seen the design process speed up by about two to four weeks, which means we can get to the permitting stage a little sooner,” Spring said. “The typical expectation is 30-45 days, but sometimes it was taking three to five months!”

Not only has Space Profile helped speed things up in terms of permitting, Spring has also been able to use Space Profile to identify discrepancies in the data provided by landlords, giving him an edge in negotiating the lease before it’s finalized.


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