How one busy property manager uses ID Plans to simplify her job

To say Marja Price has her hands full is an understatement.

As a property manager at Janss Marketplace, one of the largest outdoor malls on the West Coast, she spends her days dealing with tenants, communicating with vendors, and handling the inevitable challenges that come with running a 455,000-square-foot shopping center. She needed a tool she could rely on to help her stay on top of all the moving parts, and that’s where Remote Property Manager by ID Plans comes in.

Photo credit: Conejo Valley Tourism

“I love a one-stop shop,” said Price, who works for NewMark Merrill Companies. “It’s a dream to have a product like this.”

While Price uses RPM for many purposes, she finds it especially helpful when it comes to vendor communication. Before RPM, it could be difficult for vendors to identify the location they were supposed to be servicing due to the sheer size of the shopping center. As an added complication, several similar shopping centers nearby aren’t owned by NewMark Merrill but are located on shared land, along with a parking garage that is partially owned by the city. Because of the sprawling layout, it was easy for a vendor to get confused and go to the wrong place. That meant she or one of her colleagues would have to schedule an appointment with the vendor and physically walk them around the site, taking time out of their schedules that could be spent on more important tasks.

Easy Button

With RPM, Price said, she can send out a PDF with the exact location where the vendor needs to go in five seconds.

“There’s no excuse for someone going to the wrong place now,” she said. “It’s so much more efficient, and we’re confident in sending out the information that ID Plans creates for us.”

In addition to the ease of vendor communication, Price also finds the unlimited cloud-based storage that comes with RPM invaluable. Janss Marketplace, like many shopping centers across the country, is experiencing shifts as the retail landscape changes and evolves. Now more than ever, being able to access, update and share property data quickly is essential.

Information in one place, available at any time.

“We have tenants moving in and out and it’s easy to look at RPM to change out their information and their meter numbers,” she said. “It’s like a filing cabinet for us.”

With spaces changing hands so frequently, it was a natural progression for NewMark Merrill to begin using Space Profile to help them with their leasing needs at Janss Marketplace, and there are plans to expand to other shopping centers as well.

“It makes us look really tech savvy,” said Price.

“These potential tenants are shopping other places and with the 360-degree tours, they can see exactly what the space looks like without having to visit. We’ve gotten so much positive feedback.”