How Publix uses ID Plans to improve efficiencies in their portfolio

"Between site maintenance, tenant needs, and leasing issues, managing a shopping center definitely has its share of challenges. Now, imagine having 20 of them."

That’s the day-to-day reality for Steven Watkins, a regional property manager for Publix Super Markets, Inc. With so many moving parts, it’s crucial that he has the tools to handle every situation, and that’s why he relies on the Remote Property Manager software solution from ID Plans.

The Remote Property Manager software provides Watkins with a complete, detailed, and interactive site plan for each of the properties he manages, and he can access them from any device, anywhere. Each property is carefully mapped out by a team from ID Plans who visits the site and gathers information to show data points and locations for everything from light poles to meters to HVAC units – and everything in between. It’s a huge advantage over having to rely on old, outdated plans that may be inaccurate, saving Watkins – and Publix – both time and money.

“It makes things very easy for me,” said Watkins, who has been with Publix since 2014 and oversees stores in a four-county area in Central Florida. “It’s a great way to get a lot of information in one place when we need it, and it saves me a lot of time.”

Watkins uses RPM software for

When he’s doing his monthly site visits, he’ll open the RPM app on his phone while walking the property. If he notices a leak or an issue with irrigation, for example, he can easily identify the area it’s coming from and go straight to the source of the problem – and contact the right people to take care of it ASAP.

If he gets a call from one of his stores about a parking lot light that’s out, he can pinpoint it on his site map and contact a vendor to repair it. And not only can he tell the vendor the exact location, he can also provide them with specs on the broken light so the vendor can come prepared with the equipment they need to fix it in one trip.

When a prospective tenant is looking at a space, Watkins can share important details with his leasing team to help the prospect determine if the space will work for their business, or if they need to negotiate any terms for the deal to go through.

Once a new tenant moves in, it’s easy for Watkins to provide them with accurate meter numbers so they can get their utilities turned on quickly, along with other information they need to run their business efficiently.

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