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ID 360 Retail Commercial Property Plans

ID 360 is an online retail commercial property management product that allows clients a comprehensive overview of their retail property. With many options for plans, views, and assets, clients have access to detailed property information at their fingertips.

Retail Property Lease Outline Drawings

ID 360 is an advanced Lease Outline Drawing (LOD) that provides owners, brokers, leasing/pm/asset teams, and construction teams/contractors a consistent, accurate product delivered in 10 business days anywhere in the U.S. ID 360 offers plans and virtual views of retail properties on mobile devices, so you can be anywhere and find the retail property information you need.

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Market your property with attractive, accurate, up-to-date details and photography

The data collection process for ID 360 is similar to that of our flagship product, Remote Property Manager (RPM). We deploy a team to gather, locate and verify all data points in each space. Our technology and design experts take that information and input it into our cutting-edge, cloud-based software application. This allows our customers to view all the details of their space in one central location.

Reduce lease drag and increase speed to lease to increase your property ROI

Each ID 360 can be drawn up and delivered in as little as 10 business days. Easily access your data and share it with vendors, potential tenants, and team members across the globe. ID 360 profiles are created to be proactive tools in the leasing process. When a prospective tenant inquires about a space, all the information they need to make a decision is right there in one place.

Features & Benefits

Reduce lease drag

Access accurate property data anytime from the cloud

End construction scheduling, maintenance, and payment headaches

Match the right tenant, to the right property, at the right time

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