ID Plans Releases ID Inspect

ID Plans Releases ID Inspect
ID Plans releases ID Inspect, commercial real estate SaaS powering customizable inspection execution for REITs, developers, and property managers. 

Features such as asset-level reporting and automatic issue alerts for 3rd party vendors integrate with the full suite of ID Plans commercial property management applications.

November 7, 2022.  TAMPA, FL. ID Plans announced today that it has completed the roll-out of ID Inspect, a B2B SaaS commercial property inspection solution. Built at the behest of industry leading real estate developers, property managers, and REITs, ID Inspect is the latest piece of its hallmark commercial real estate SaaS platform which includes a full suite of applications that allow customers to market and manage their portfolio remotely.

“Our customers weren’t satisfied with the inspection software available in the market, and they collaborated with us directly to design a system to meet their needs,” said Jordan Hearin, Chief Product Officer of ID Plans. “With ID Inspect, property managers now have a flexible tool that allows them to inspect their commercial real estate assets and turn data into actionable information.”

ID Inspect is an easy-to-use, mobile inspection application. Upon its launch, it is the only commercial real estate tool that allows users to customize their inspection rating system and tailor it to their portfolio’s specific needs. Property managers can now seamlessly gather information on the HVAC, waste, water, landscaping, and electrical assets onsite at their retail shopping centers or industrial buildings. The SaaS product collects both text and images, and unlike other products on the market, also allows video files to be uploaded and automatically stored and organized in the cloud. The product is a flexible, logical interface that is best in class.

“ID Inspect is a force multiplier for ID Plans Remote Property Manager platform,” according to Jay Kanik, Director of Property Management at The Necessity Retail REIT. He added, “It helps owners and operators enhance lease up time, hold vendors and managers accountable, and it will help reduce touch times for remote assets.”

Centralization, Collaboration, Visualization.

Commercial real estate is a data business, and with ID Inspect, property owners can analyze their portfolio data down to the asset level. This specificity allows them to better manage their real estate holdings and budget for maintenance and capital improvements. With information at their fingertips, they can build macro level reporting on best practices, portfolio baselines, industry trends, and failure rates. As data is uploaded in real time, property managers can create work order alerts to notify 3rd party vendors of issues as they occur.

About ID Plans: ID Plans surveys, collects, and organizes commercial real estate data for brokers, REITs, developers, and tenants. Using a nationwide field staff, 3D cameras, and aerial drones we measure retail, office, industrial, manufacturing, government, and multi-family buildings to deliver detailed site plans in a proprietary suite of cloud applications. Since 1999, ID Plans has offered a wide range of customizable property management solutions to the commercial real estate industry. By adapting our solutions to the ever-changing needs of the industry we have made it easier than ever to market and manage property remotely.

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