ID Plans and industrial property management

ID Plans and industrial property management
Since our founding in 1999, ID Plans has been a pioneer in the commercial real estate technology space. We’ve worked alongside hundreds of industry leaders to ensure our software solutions are designed to meet their needs. We’ve established ourselves as the premier resource for property owners, managers and investors looking to streamline and simplify how they manage their assets, especially industrial property management.

For industrial property management and owners

As industrial buildings and parks get larger and more complex, having a reliable and accurate site management tool is essential to success. Our flagship software, Remote Property Manager (RPM), was designed to provide comprehensive site plans that catalog all exterior details of an industrial property, from HVAC units to parking spaces and everything in between. To create these plans, we deploy a team to gather, locate and verify all data points on the property, and our technology experts take that information and input it into our cutting-edge, cloud-based software application. This allows our customers to view all their assets in one place and gives them the ability to easily update their data and share it with vendors, potential tenants, and team members across the globe. The end result is a seamless, more efficient process that gives industrial property managers and owners the power to protect their investments and manage their assets more effectively.

Problems solved with Remote Property Manager

Inaccurate property information

When a property changes hands, the new owner or manager likely has to rely on site information provided by the seller that may be outdated – or just plain wrong. Because ID Plans sends a team of experts to verify every detail on the site, the owner or manager has accurate information they can rely on and use for a variety of purposes.

Maintenance scheduling challenges

When a tenant notices a broken streetlight or a property manager discovers a water leak, it can mean multiple phone calls to multiple vendors – and possibly multiple visits to the site to gather information before they can actually fix the problem. Property managers can use RPM to share accurate site information with vendors in seconds, including the exact location of the issue and details on the supplies needed to do the repair. They can also use the software to keep track of and compare quotes. It all leads to more efficiency, saving time, money, and frustration.

Emergency response

While you can’t prevent every emergency, being prepared in case something does go wrong is crucial. RPM allows owners and managers to stay ahead of emergencies by helping them keep track of the location of their emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers, alarms, shutoff switches, and more. The software also monitors the age of the equipment so it’s easy to determine when it’s time to replace it, preventing fines and insurance issues.

Inaccurate utility information

Meter inaccuracies and cross billing are a huge problem for property owners, costing them potentially thousands of dollars a year. When the ID Plans team comes to gather information to create a site plan, they verify each meter to ensure they’re tied to the correct business, preventing billing errors and protecting the owner’s bottom line.

Cross-departmental communication and transparency

In large organizations, having a common set of data to work from is critical in preventing potentially costly errors. Because RPM has unlimited storage, users can upload photos, files and other property information in real time, providing each member of the team with access to consistent information.

Industrial Property Management Data you can trust

In our industry, the one thing that really matters is accuracy. It’s been the driver of our success and the main reason why we have so many long-term customers and partners. In order to provide the most accurate data, we made the decision years ago to hire our own employees rather than utilizing subcontractors. This has created an opportunity to for us to develop deep and meaningful ongoing training for our field teams. Prior to going into the field, our team members are required to go through months of extensive hands-on training along with classroom education. This training, coupled with our multi-step quality assurance process, allows us to deliver thousands of projects per year on time and with an accuracy rate of more than 99 percent.

See RPM in action

Over the last 20 years, ID Plans has surveyed and gathered information for thousands of properties throughout North America. To schedule a demo and learn how we can help you solve your property management challenges, contact us today.
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