What problems does ID 360 solve for leasing agents & property owners?

What problems does ID 360 solve for leasing agents & property owners?
Since our founding in 1999, ID Plans has been a pioneer in the commercial real estate technology space. We’ve worked alongside hundreds of industry leaders to ensure our software solutions are designed to meet their needs. In addition, we have established ourselves as the premier resource for property owners, managers and investors looking to streamline and simplify how they manage their assets. Based on feedback from our customers, we launched our second software product, ID 360, in 2015. It was designed to create a leasing solution for commercial spaces, whether vacant or occupied, speeding up the process and cutting down on lease drag. The data collection process for creating a ID 360 report is similar to that of our flagship product, Remote Property Manager (RPM). We deploy a team to gather, locate and verify all data points in each space, and our technology experts take that information and input it into our cutting-edge, cloud-based software application. This allows our customers to view all the details of their space in one central location and gives them the ability to easily update their data and share it with vendors, potential tenants, and team members across the globe. As an added benefit, each ID 360 can be drawn up and delivered in as little as 10 business days.

Problems solved for Property Owners with ID 360

Lease drag

ID 360 profiles are created to be proactive tools in the leasing process. When a prospective tenant inquires about a space, all the information they need to make a decision is right there in one place. This speeds up the leasing process considerably and saves precious time in a situation where every minute matters.

Inaccurate property information

When a property owner acquires a new space, he or she likely has to rely information provided by the seller that may be outdated – or nonexistent. Because ID Plans sends a team of experts to verify every detail of the space, the owner or manager has accurate information they can use for a variety of purposes, including how much to charge for rent.

Maintenance scheduling and payment headaches

ID 360 reports can easily be shared with a construction company to get quotes on any necessary repairs, and that information can be used to negotiate with the tenant on who will absorb the costs. Plus, the construction company won’t need to make multiple trips to the site to gather data – they’ll have it all up front so they can get started on the job more quickly.

Marketing challenges

ID 360 reports are valuable assets for leasing teams and property owners looking to market their properties more efficiently. Because they include accurate, up-to-date information on the spaces, leasing teams can target their marketing efforts and be more deliberate in attracting tenants that are a good fit. 

Data you can trust

In our industry, the one thing that really matters is accuracy. It’s been the driver of our success and the main reason why we have so many long-term customers and partners. In order to provide the most accurate data, we made the decision years ago to hire our own employees rather than utilizing subcontractors. This has created an opportunity to for us to develop deep and meaningful ongoing training for our field teams. Prior to going into the field, our team members are required to go through several months of extensive hands-on training along with classroom education. This training, coupled with our multi-step quality assurance process, allows us to deliver thousands of projects per year on time and with an accuracy rate of more than 99 percent.

See ID 360 in action for property owners

Over the last 20 years, ID Plans has surveyed and gathered information for thousands of retail spaces throughout North America. To schedule a demo and learn how we can help you solve your leasing challenges, contact us today.
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