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September 24, 2019
Healthcare in Retail Centers

How retail and healthcare are joining forces for success

Health care and retail – a match made in heaven? Over the past decade, the health and wellness industry has established itself as a $4 trillion-a-year […]
August 29, 2019
Creating culture while working from home

Working remotely doesn’t mean sacrificing culture

Six tips on how to build community when you’re working remotely How many people do you know who worked remotely 10 years ago? How about now? […]
August 8, 2019
Being stressed out at work

Being busy is too common – here’s what to do about it

How many times have you had this conversation lately? You: How are you doing? Them: I’m so busy I barely have time to breathe. You might […]
July 24, 2019
Tampa Food Halls

Food halls are having a moment

There is absolutely no denying it: food halls are taking the culinary world by storm. And we are 100 percent here for it. Once only found […]
July 22, 2019
How to build your company culture

Company culture – how to build one that works

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about “company culture?” Is it a workspace filled with bean bags instead of regular chairs? […]
July 16, 2019

Sunday Scaries are real – but you can fight back

If you’ve ever felt a sense of growing unease as your weekend draws to a close, you’ve had them – the dreaded “Sunday Scaries.” Defined online […]
July 10, 2019
Performance reviews

Performance review 101: How to prepare

Ahhh…the annual performance review at work. Is there anything else that makes you feel quite so professional – and yet quite so terrified – at the […]
June 24, 2019
Summer books to read

Summer reading – three books that should be on your list

Now that summer is here, it’s time to relax and unwind – and what better way to do that than with a great book? If you […]
June 6, 2019
Visit us at ICSC

Five things I learned at RECon 2019

When you’re in retail real estate, going to ICSC RECon is kind of going to the Super Bowl. It’s huge. It’s loud. It’s full of energy. […]